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Ornitholestes Raptor-Tooth

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Upper Jurrasic - Wyoming USA
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Weight: 0.176 Kg

Real raptor-tooth of a small, carnivore theropod dinosaur called Ornitholestes, which translates as "Bird-Robber". Ornitholestes lived in the late Jurassic of the Morrison Formation, middle Kimmeridgian age, about 154 million years ago in an area which is now the Johnson County in Wyoming, USA. It was a relatively small Dinosaur, moving on two legs with an estimated lengh of 2 Meters approx. - half of that was the tail - and a height of 60 to 80 cm. The only known Species is Ornitholestes hermanni.

Age: Upper Jurrasic, approx. 156,3 - 146,8 million years

Morrison Formation

Site of the find: Johnson County, Wyoming USA

Dimensions: 2,1 x 0,8 x 0,3 cm ( Tooth )  - 8,5 x 7,2 x 3,6 cm ( Matrix )


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