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Are you a retailer and interested in buying at wholesale conditions?

If you are not already one of my customers, please send a copy of your business license by mail

and I will provide you with information about my actual offers of minerals and fossils in flats or by weight.

Peter Griss



Chalcopyrite, Durango Mexico

Grüner Calcit, Mexiko

Green Calcite, Mexico

Orangencalcit, Mexiko

Orange Calcite, Mexico

Blau-Calcit, Mexiko

Blue Calcite, Mexico

Fossile Krebse. Libanon 

Fossil Shrimp, Lebanon

 Fossile Seeigel, Madagaskar

Fossil Sea Urchin, Madagascar

 Ammonitenpaare, Madagaskar

Ammonite Pairs, Madagascar

 Fossile Araukarienzweige, USA

Fossil branches of Metasequoia, USA

Kupfer-Nuggets, USA

Copper-Nuggets, USA

Halit, Bolivien 

Halite, Bolivia

Hemimorphit, Mexiko 

Hemimorphite, Mexico

 Ulexit, Boron USA

Ulexite, Boron USA

Orangencalcit Kugeln, Mexiko

Orange Calcite Spheres, Mexico

Goldobsidian Kugeln, Mexiko

Gold Obsidian Spheres, Mexico

Mahagonyobsidian Linsen, Mexiko

Mahagony Obsidian Lenses, Mexico

Obsidian Pyramiden, Mexiko

Obsidian Piramids, Mexico


About Stones unlimited / Peter Griss...

    still to be written ;)

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